How does positive mental health help pupils achieve better exam results?

Mental health has been welcomed as a well-regarded and important issue in schools throughout the last decade.

The Royal Family, celebrities and the government have, in numerous ways, contributed to the UK widely respecting this issue in schools and allowing pupils to talk through their mental health.

Support systems have been placed in schools through the length and breadth of the UK to assist students facing difficulties with their mental health and undoubtedly, your school is no exception.

Mindfulness is also increasing in popularity as a vehicle for pupils understanding the importance of sound mental health, however, many schools do not have the resources to provide a mindfulness programme linked with GCSE preparation.

A calmer and healthier mind are both, in our opinion, contributing factors to pupils receiving results commensurate with their abilities.

In our mindfulness workshop, pupils are transported into a world of safe and secure thinking. Pupils engage in a session of very basic mindfulness practise and through our guidance, it is demonstrated that it can be a useful tool to assist their calmness and focus in a sea of target grades and common anxieties.

Unlike programmes solely based around mindfulness, we couple our teachings with practical revision guidance that pupils can implement immediately to the preparation of their forthcoming exams.

Ultimately, we encourage pupils to believe in their own abilities and identify their strengths and areas where they may require additional support.

All pupils walk away with their own unique ‘time management profile’ and implement a ‘positive thinking plan’ which will help them achieve their GCSE goals.

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