Want to get your students excited and ready to study the Bard?

I’m very pleased to announce Fred Theatre’s Shakespeareance. A dynamic, fun-packed, creative and interactive session, ideal for students about to embark on studying Shakespeare.

In common with teachers everywhere, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to help Shakespeare and his works come alive for the next generation. Our new production, I reckon, does just that. It’s a fast-paced session that introduces Mr Shakespeare, his plays, and has students interact with the cast as well as create their own work.

“It was fantastic! So professional and carefully engineered to give

the students what they need.”

Parmiter’s School on Macbeth (2018)

Our team of three professional actors kick off each session with lots of fun, and occasionally (slightly) gruesome, facts about Shakespeare’s life and times.

Accompanied by music and song, we progress through extracts from a few plays, carefully providing just enough context for the students to appreciate what’s going on. The extracts pop up throughout the session and are lively, colourful and engaging.

We then move on to encourage creativity in our audience by getting students to think about what story they might tell based on either Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You chose!

All this is packed into a fantastic two and a half hour session (with time for a short comfort break). And, at a cost of just £525+vat we believe it’s hard to beat for value. Performances are available throughout May and June, and can be booked by contacting Helen, our tour administrator (details below).

There’s also still time to book any one of our four great in-school shows for the current academic year. Our 90- or 60-minute adaptations are fresh and exciting re-tellings of the familiar and much-loved stories. Each is performed by a cast of six professional actors and designed to give GCSE students the advantage of experiencing live theatre. Ideal as either an introduction to the text, or a timely revision tool, we concentrate on the text and producing a faithful representation of the original—just a little shorter! The four productions are:



To discuss your requirements, and how we can help your students through one or more of our performances, either:

e-mail Helen in our office: helen@fred-theatre.co.uk

or visit our web site for more information and to sign-up for our regular schools’ newsletter: www.fred-theatre.co.uk/schools

Alternatively, you can call me or Helen for a chat about any aspect of Fred Theatre playing at your school on 01789 777612.

All we need to perform at your school is a space approximately 5m x 5m with room (of course) for the audience.

Get in touch today and let’s bring some great live theatre to your school soon.

Best wishes

Robert Ball
Artistic Director
Fred Theatre

PS: We have exciting plans for five productions in 2019-20 and I’ll be writing to you next month about these.