Want Issues and Debates Made Easier? 

This interactive Workshop with Dr Steve Taylor, University of London & shortcuts tv, is focused exclusively on making Issues & Debates in Psychology more accessible to students & illustrating them with up-to-date research examples (such as, epigenetics for the interaction of nature/nurture).

It will cover:

  • Nature/Nurture
  • Free Will & Determinism
  • Reductionism
  • Psychology as Science
  • Individual & Situational Psychology
  • Ethics & Ethical Issues
  • Socially Sensitive Research
  • Ethnocentrism
  • Bias in Psychology

Exam Guidance:   i) what examiners are looking for   ii) exam question practice    iii) transferable skills: bringing issues & debates into other questions. (Workshops will be AQA, OCR, Edexel or WJEC specific.)

Handouts: provide interactive materials and clear summaries of key studies used.  

Free:  5 Minute Revision Videos on each of the Issues & Debates covered. 

What Teachers Say 

He was incredibly engaging. Definitely booking again! 
Amy Speechley, St Gregory’s College

Steve’s visit was loved by all the students. It encouraged them to want more.
Sue Martin, Farnham College

Steve was engaging and had the students’ attention the whole time.
Priya Bradshaw Aquinas College

We hope to ensure that this is an annual event and we look forward to seeing Steve next year. He was amazing! 
Jackie Stanbury, Kirkham Grammar School 

Cost (inclusive)

Half day:  £300
Full day:  £500

Contact:    steve@shortcutstv.com

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