If you could influence the content of a new series of classics publications – what would you suggest?

In the near future The Davenant Press will be launching two new series for classicists.  First there will be a series of short paperbacks on Greece and the Roman Empire covering the A-Level syllabus and a second more substantial paperback series, Classical Civilisation which will be pitched mainly at university level but which is also intended to help school teachers. This series will cover the A level interest but will also include Ancient History and Patristics. I am currently writing to academics for ideas and as a member of the Classical Association (Oxford Branch) I am putting it on the website.

In addition there will be a new academic journal published twice a year on Rome 423-1929.

And this is an opportunity for you to influence the content of both the paperbacks and the journal by letting me know what subject areas you would like to see covered that would help with your teaching of classics in school and preparing pupils for university.

I really am open to all suggestions, and so by way of saying thank you I will be very happy to send a free copy of Essays on Ancient Historians by Susan Sorek to the first 25 positive suggestions I receive.

If you have any thoughts at all on subject areas or topics within the classics that you would like to see covered in the new journal “Rome 425 to 1929” please just email me at judithdavenant@gmail.com.  If you would like a copy of “Essays on Ancient Historians” just give me your postal address.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Judith Loades