What is the one factor that all parents are concerned about when it comes to schoolwear?

When it comes down to it there are two factors that parents can be concerned about, although sadly one of those factors is something that we can do nothing about.

The issue beyond our control is, of course, the unavoidable reality that all children grow, which means schoolwear has to be replaced year by year.

That obviously can’t be avoided, but the other issue – that is the quality of labels, embroidery, and print that is added to school clothing – is very much under your control.

Which is a rather important factor, for there is no doubt that the one thing that annoys parents almost more than any other is the quality of anything that is added to their school uniform purchases.

And the simple fact is that the quality of labels, embroidery, and print on school garments can vary from one supplier to another.  Indeed, as you may well have found, embroidery and print are services that many firms claim to offer, but not everyone gets it right.

The simple fact is that we are the specialists in this area of work including embroidery without minimum quantities, heat transfer printing, direct to garment digital printing, bespoke garment labels, and of course nametapes.

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