What is the most effective way of teaching the new PSHE curriculum?

One of the most common talking points by educators is how PSHE is integrated differently into everyday school life. Some schools opt to have collapsed timetable days and others weave it through form periods and one-off sessions.

I’m sure you join us in applauding the government in the changes to the statutory safeguarding guidance for schools and colleges.

PSHE Association Chief Executive Joe Hayman said: “The world our children are growing up in offers huge possibilities but significant risks too and the school curriculum should prepare them for that world. This aim is exactly what PSHE education is designed to achieve, emphasising the key skills and characteristics – such as resilience, critical thinking and the ability to manage risk – which pupils need if they are to thrive in a changing world.”

Unfortunately, many schools are concerned about their overpopulated timetables and the pressures of the curriculum for academic subjects.

Thus the question arises: how can we maintain our busy school term and meet the new statutory obligations?

This is something we have invested a lot of time in supporting. As a result, we have 21 workshops available within the PSHE sector, catering for every subject area within the personal, social and health education framework.

Using various mediums of high-octane and energised delivery, our workshops support and enhance your own current PSHE programme.

If you would like to browse the workshops available, please visit the website – www.qsworkshops.com/workshops

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