What is the best way to use the interest in Vanity Fair generated by the current TV series?

Vanity Fair is set in a society that might look very different to ours, with wigs, corsets and carriages, but it was still about navigating a world with defined rules. Those rules still exist, just without the corsets.”

So said “etiquette expert” William Hanson.

And the chances are that quite a few more students this year will have a greater (although perhaps still partial) understanding of Vanity Fair than was the case a year ago, because of the seven part serialisation of the book on ITV on Sunday nights.

All that is needed as a follow up to the series is a chance to read the book.  Especially as the students come to realise that, although Becky knows she has nothing that her society recognises, hidden within herself she has so much more.

Thus she uses what society cannot understand. Is that not exactly how quite a few teenagers come to feel?

Yet there is a problem for, of course, Vanity Fair is a large book, and the chances are that many students who start it will not finish it.

That might be both frustrating and annoying if one has paid a sizeable sum to have copies of the book available for those in your GCSE or A level class who want to see what the book looks like, having seen the TV series.

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