How can we help improve the mental well-being of pupils and students?

It is self-evident that pupils and students who feel well in themselves are likely to have a much more successful, enjoyable, and stimulating life at school.

Such young people will have more positive self-esteem than others, be more able to feel and express a wide range of emotions, and probably have better relationships with their peers and adults than others who have a less positive state of mental well-being.

Indeed they will almost certainly feel engaged and involved in the world around them and will cope with the normal stresses of everyday life.  They will be confident people who cope well with the modern world and all it throws at them.

And thus the question arises, how do we improve the mental well-being of young people who do not have the positive experiences and feelings described above?

It is a most important question, for those who have the ability to prevent mild conditions from becoming major problems cope better than those who don’t have this skill.

Sadly, for those who do not receive the support they need, education will only go so far to engage them. They need assistance in facing up to their problems and resolving them so that they avoid falling through the gaps in the education system or hiding from their issues with destructive behaviours that could harm themselves and others.

And this is what NLP4Kids offers.  Helping pupils and students communicate their thoughts and feelings with others, helping them make meaningful relationships, and ultimately helping them improve their employment opportunities.

If you feel that you have some pupils and students in your school who are not reaching their full potential because of anger and related issues, and you would like to make use of external funding to help these children, I would ask you to get in touch.

We have already worked with numerous schools across the country and now have additional time and funding available to come to your school and work with the children you nominate. There are more details of our work at

If you would like to discuss the options without any obligation please do call 0345 3192 666 or 0203 6677 294 or email