What is the most effective way of ensuring that children who suffer from heightened anxiety can benefit fully from their schooling? 

Many children do suffer from anxiety in tests and exams, and generally there’s nothing wrong with that – a modest level of anxiety is a common human characteristic.

But when that anxiety is there consistently, it can mean that the child is going to suffer poor results at school which no amount of focus and hard work can put right.  And it is a problem that can remain with them throughout their lives.

However, one short-term intervention programme during the primary school years with children who suffer in this way can result in a wholly different outcome.  One in which anxiety is reduced to more normal levels.

Such a change can be achieved through a short period of intervention with a small group of children – and the bonus is that there is external funding available for this type of intervention so that there is no cost at all to the school.

Working with a small number of children in different ways through a short series of sessions, we are able to help such children overcome confidence issues, worries about their family or home life, and similar matters so that these children reach their potential.

If you feel that you have some children in your school who are not reaching their full potential because of anxiety and related issues, and you would like to make use of external funding to help these children, I would ask you to get in touch.

We have already worked with numerous schools across the country and now have additional time and funding available to come to your school and work with the children you nominate. There are more details of our work at http://nlp4kids.org.uk/schools-co-uk/

If you would like to discuss the options without any obligation please do call 0345 3192 666 or 0203 6677 294 or email gemma@NLP4Kids.org