What is the one factor that allows you to know that one school supplier is better than the others? 

Of course there is one thing that all school suppliers seem to have in common. They like to tell you they are the best.

But really, how do you know for sure?

One way to find out is to ask a prospective supplier for some free samples of each product you are interested in, not least because if you find the supplier doesn’t want to give you a free sample, you might start to be a little suspicious about the product and its long term viability.

Which is why we offer free samples of all the products in our range. Items such as ID badges, accident books, absence pass books, hi viz vests, school water bottles, visitor books, printing on sports kit, lanyards, wristbands, school bags, etc, etc.

And there’s a bonus: if you send a copy of your school logo or badge, we’ll incorporate that into the free sample: and the free sample still remains absolutely free.

We know that what we offer is high quality and that the moment our customers in schools across Scotland see what we have, they are interested in making a purchase. So, free samples it is. And yes, in the unlikely event that you don’t want to place an order, the samples are yours to keep. We don’t ask for them back.

If you would like to see free samples from any of our ranges all you have to do is go to our web site, tick the box/es of the items you’d like to see, and we’ll send them to you.

Alternatively if you would like to see some pictures just go to our products page, scroll down a little and you’ll see a lot of pictures of what we have to offer.

Or, of course if you have a question, or want to talk about any particular part of our range, please do call us on on our freephone number of 0800 999 2776 or email us with any questions on office@ultimateeducation.co.uk