Why do we have holes?

A new survey by the Institute of Hole Technology considers the universality of the hole and what we can do with them.

There is a gigantic hole in the universe. Not a black hole, but a gigantic region without galaxies or stars or anything else.  Which is considered by those who know of such things to be a bit odd.

There are also holes in my favourite pair of tennis shoes making them unbearable in wet weather.  That’s not odd but it is annoying.

And every single road I drive along on my way to school each day is covered in holes.

Indeed so bad is it where I live that I wrote to the local council and suggested that if they lowered the level of all the roads in the area by four inches they would get rid of all the holes without having to do any road repairs at all.

Sadly they chose not to reply to my email.

But what, I hear you cry, does this have to do with your school?

The answer is the arrival of Tarmax, an instant and permanent repair product for all types of damaged and eroded pathways and roads, to any depth and for any size of hole.

Now this is important, because technically anyone who damages a car or bike or person while driving or walking over any road owned by the school could make a bit of a fuss.  So could the parent of a child who slips in a hole and suffers as a result.

Especially since Tarmax is such a simple product to use, so it can be used almost anywhere and instantly: driveways, footpaths, car parks, ramps, floors…

What’s more, not only does Tarmax reduce accidents, but it reduces congestion while you wait to get the hole repaired, for once applied the path or roadway can be used at once.

There is no mixing, primer, heat or any of 101 other things that you might expect, and you don’t have to wait for certain weather to apply it. There are more details, including a new special offer for you at https://www.maxam.co.uk/the-schools-tarmax/

Or to simply ask specific questions relating to your own premises please call 0800 0922 923,  or email: john.edwards@maxam.co.uk

Looking forward to doing my very best for you.