Make sure your nursery is at the front of the queue

At last!  Parliament is listening to the needs of Early Years. A report ‘Mental Health in Childhood’ was published on 26th June by an All-Party Parliamentary Group.  This is expected to influence over the next few months government funding and policies to transform children’s mental health.

When they are, there is expected to be a rush to train or recruit play therapy practitioners who meet the report’s recommendations, to work with young children showing signs of social, emotional and behaviour problems.

To get ahead, you can take advantage, at virtually no cost, of the APAC/Leeds Beckett University placement scheme for trainees.  During the Autumn term we expect to have 200 new trainees available for a placement.

The scheme will provide 100 hours of therapy for your children at no cost for one year.  They will provide a complete service including briefing your staff, assessments, parent interviews and communications as well regular activity and outcome reports meeting all professional and data protection requirements.

The only ‘costs’ to your school are the provision of a suitable room with equipment and materials which you probably already have and a few hours of staff time for referral and review meetings.

We have thirteen training venues throughout the UK so whilst we cannot guarantee that a placement will be available in your area, there’s a very good chance, especially if you apply now.

Of course, as an alternative, you can guarantee a trainee by funding a member of your staff.

Please contact me at for more information on placement and training opportunities.