Education Quizzes – A Great Resource for All your Students!

What would you say if you were offered something worth 1,000s of pounds for less than £100? You’d think there was a catch, right? But that’s exactly what Education Quizzes is offering to schools and there’s no catch at all.

For a yearly cost of just £95 plus VAT, every student and teacher in your school can use the Education Quizzes resource as often as they like. We have 3,264 quizzes, each one written by teachers. They follow the National Curriculum and cover 18 subjects from KS1 all the way up to GCSE.

The quizzes can be used to test students, as homework assignments or as a valuable revision tool when exams are coming up. The usual price is £35 per year for each user but, no matter how many students are in your school, all of them can use Education Quizzes without having to pay a penny themselves.

Still not sure? Then sign up for a free one-month trial. We’ll send your school an invoice but, if you don’t find Education Quizzes useful, simply ignore it. We’ll cancel the account after 30 days and you’ll never hear from us again.

To find out more, visit the Schools page at Education Quizzes, email or call us on 01406 371799.