What is the biggest obstacle to concentration in the classroom? 

The prime answer to that question is simple: it is a rise in temperature.

Of course, some classrooms have a problem with being too cold, but normally that can be adjusted.  However when we have the issue of rooms getting too hot, there can be a greater problem – especially if the windows won’t open, or when the outside is just as hot as the room.

Worse, in such situations, you will probably have 30 or so bodies producing heat in the room, and indeed by the time everyone’s sweltering, it is increasingly difficult to deal with it.

But there is a quick, easy and inexpensive answer – and it is not just a solution to rising heat during the summer, it is also one that effectively deals with blinding sunlight. Plus also it even acts as insulation, keeping rooms warm in winter months.

This answer involves using Maxam High Reflective Solar Film.

This film, which is very simply applied over the glass, allows a degree of natural sunlight into the room whilst greatly reducing the heat and glare.  It also protects against interior furnishings fading from UV rays.

And there is one further advantage; it makes it much, much harder for anyone to look in from the outside, giving privacy and deterring theft.

Since 1990 Maxam High Reflective Solar Film has been successfully fitted by Site Managers in thousands on schools across the UK. If you too would like to find out more how your premises could also benefit, please click here.

Alternatively if you’d just like to ask a question, receive a sample and information in the post or get a quote, please email me: john.edwards@maxam.co.uk or call 0800 0922 923