Do your colleagues know you’re here?

One of the nice things about UK Education News is that there is no tracking going on – those of us running the service don’t know who you are, where you are, what you are reading etc.

What’s more, as you will have seen, the site is also totally and utterly free, and we intend to keep it that way.

But the fact you are reading this means that you are on UK Education News, and hopefully enjoying the service that we offer.  And so we’d like ask you a favour.

Could you send an email to one or two of your colleagues that says something like the example below.   (You might find it a bit cheesy so please do write something of your own; I’m sure you’ll do an infinitely better job that I can).


To colleagues in the school:

I’m not sure if you read the free rolling news service UK Education News.  But I do, and find it quite interesting.   And the people who run the service have suggested that those of us who use the free service might pass a note on to one or two colleagues and friends to tell them about it.

It’s a site that carries education news headlines from the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph etc.  You can simply click on a headline and then read the full story.

The service is at

I think it is quite good, and it really is free, so I’ve agreed, just this once, to pass this message on.


Now that may be far too horribly cheesy for you to pass on, but if you could rephrase it in any way you want, and pass it on that would be good.

And please do remember, there is no tracking going on.  We don’t know who goes on the site and we’re not asking for your email address nor that of your colleagues.

If you don’t want to pass this on, that’s OK too.  Although it is nice if you can.

Tony Attwood
Editor, UK Education News.