What is the best reaction you can have to the daily assembly?

Imagine a child going home after school and volunteering to his/her parents the story of what happened during the day (rather than waiting to be asked, and then offering the shortest of answers).

And imagine further that what the child chooses to talk about is the school assembly, with parents also bringing up the subject when they attend a parents evening, talking to you about how certain assemblies have really made an impact on their child.

Of course, you may well find this happens from time to time, with the parents spontaneously mentioning assemblies, but even if so you will know that there is a constant pressure to find more and more assemblies that grab attention and give children insights into the moral, personal, and social world in which they live.

It was to provide such assemblies that my colleagues and I began to contemplate what made certain assemblies have a really strong influence on the children we teach.

We knew of course that we needed to create assemblies that were original, and which also met the social and emotional needs of the children who attend them and offered a focus on the values that the school wishes to present to the children.

As a result we have produced a set of over 350 assemblies with each one categorised and indexed, each of which is instantly available and fully scripted.

You can read a full example of one of our assemblies by following this link. Additionally you can see the complete list of the categories and from there you can go into each category and see the details of all the assemblies on offer.

All the details are available at http://www.assemblybox.co.uk where you can also order online. The complete set of all of our assemblies costs £149 (+ VAT). If you have any questions please email enquiries@assemblybox.co.uk