What is the most practical and easy way to achieve the driving force of school improvement?

School improvement methods come in many different shapes and sizes. However virtually all of them have one thing at their heart: an agreement between colleagues about what the school wants to achieve, and how it will achieve it.

Getting this agreement can be harder than it sounds though as it can be difficult to get over the first hurdle of getting everyone working together.

While school improvement is about sustainably raising standards, to be truly effective it has to be about much more than that. The process has to be something that everyone in the school will buy into.

When achieved, the benefits can be enormous: from higher test and exam pass rates through to reduced stress levels, higher morale and lower levels of absence among colleagues.

It is easier to get agreement of the improvement aims and the methods of achieving them when everyone understands not just what changes are being made in the school but why.

The fact is that teachers who feel genuinely empowered, supported, recognised, and valued will work to create a school to be proud of.

In schools where senior leaders drive improvement from deep insights into how the staff feel about their work, actions are focused and results achieved quickly.

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