To express themselves creatively in a foreign language, your students may find a multilingual word discovery tool invaluable.

Here’s an easy way to help them.

Wordipedia is the only multilingual deep word discovery tool on the Internet.

What do we mean by ‘deep discovery’?

Deep discovery is finding words in the desired language:

  • By meaning or topic
  • By category
  • By class
  • By sound or pattern
  • By relationship
  • By context
  • By implication, such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ connotation
  • And by a combination of these criteria

With Wordipedia, you don’t need to know a word to find it. You specify your criteria and Wordipedia’s  search algorithms return suggestions and allow you to refine your search as well. Regardless of the language (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, etc.) Wordipedia will provide suggestions matching detailed criteria. Students will extend their foreign language vocabulary and express themselves with creativity, clarity, and impact.

You can try Wordipedia yourself for free by simply joining with a trial membership on our JOIN page, as well as clicking this link to see more details of the Benefits for students and teachers. YouTube tutorials are available by clicking on the LINKS tab of our site.

Also, we provide low-cost access for school libraries.