Are your students ready for their  GCSE maths exams? 

It’s perhaps easy to assume that all your students will turn up to  their maths exams with the equipment they need….but what happens if there’s a panic on the morning of the exam?

27 students have left some or all of their kit at home and it’s too late for them to go back and get what they need!

Fortunately there is a solution. There’s a “one stop shop” where schools can get Casio and Logik calcs, geometry sets, Value Maths sets, “Student Essentials” sets etc…all designed to equip  students and help them succeed.

Why not order some of these Value Maths sets,  from just £ 1.22 each, ex vat in advance of the exams, so they’re ready to hand out on (or before !) exam days… just in case!

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