Free Tools to Support Your Active School


As you’ll be aware, there is a growing expectation for Primary Schools to offer more physical activity within the school day, not only in PE but across the whole curriculum. This is a totally new way of teaching, so not surprisingly some teachers are finding this concept a little daunting; you might even have colleagues who are struggling to see the importance and questioning the benefits it will have on their classrooms.

I hope the tools below will help you to change mindsets and support teachers with in getting more activity into the school day.

Physical Activity is the key to whole school improvement…

  • Active kids do better! Brains work better, they are better behaved, more focused, happier and healthier, and their learning improves.
  • Active schools do better too! With better performance, improved Ofsted results, happier learning environments, improved attendance and improved staff confidence.

In an article published last month, our very own Ian Pickles explains all… To receive a free copy of this report please email

A teacher’s experience of imoves…

“we saw the enthusiasm for movement and dance soar”

A school in Lincolnshire have been using the imoves dance resources since 2016 (this case study is based on John Harrox Primary School and was commissioned by Youth Sports Trust).

It shows that with the right tools and resources, together we can get children more active, not only in school but also in extra-curricular activities too! Here’s what one parent told the school:

“One parent was particularly pleased that their daughter had come home pestering her to find a disco class for her to go to. She now attends disco dance weekly at a local community venue. It has increased her activity levels out of school along with her confidence”

Read full case study here >

Free Tools to Support Your School

You’ve heard what other teachers think about imoves, now try it for yourself!  Simply drop us an email and we’ll give you a free trial membership, along with some you some really useful tools to help assess current activity levels within your school and highlight areas for improvement.