It is self-evident that even a minor mental health issue can compromise a young person’s ability to learn.

So what do we do?

Medical professionals generally concur that one in four adults in the UK experience mental illness at some stage in their lives, and in half of these cases the problems take root before the age of 15.

Thus if we can improve and help support the emotional, social, and physical health and wellbeing of pupils and students in our school we will be giving these young people two incredibly important benefits.

First we will be helping to improve their personal wellbeing, and second we will be giving those who don’t suffer from any mental health issues in later life a much deeper understanding of what mental health issues are and how their own children might one day be affected.

To undertake this task, NeuroHeadway provides resources for teachers to deliver in the classroom on the subject of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Our resources are collected into modules each of which are focussed on a single topic that can be delivered in PSHE and Science lessons, to improve and help support the wellbeing of all pupils and students.

Content for the NeuroHeadway modules has been supplied by practising psychology and neuroscience experts from around the world and shaped by us into classroom ready materials, suitable for all secondary school pupils and students.

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