Specialist support for your ambitious and able students, at little to no cost for the school

How many providers do you know that offer genuinely effective skill development programmes for ambitious and/or most able students?  More importantly, how many would you recommend?

Finding a scheme that actually makes an impact and offers good value for money can be surprisingly difficult.  Perhaps the secret is to learn from others and look at workshops hosted year after year by some of the top performing and most highly rated schools.

Thinkers in Education deliver a range of these – enriching the curriculum, identifying the strengths of each participant and developing a skill set that will be advantageous in education and the workplace. There is a strong focus on higher order thinking, team building and communication – all assessed and given as immediate feedback to the students and performance reports for the school.

It is a proven formula that can positively change attitudes and improve performance levels.  Moreover, the reports generated can provide valuable evidence for Ofsted Inspections.

Spectacular Saturdays and Holiday Workshops are easy ways to introduce the range. They offer the school a chance to host leading STEM based workshops at very little cost to the school, without affecting the timetable or adding to teacher workloads.  Most importantly, they have been recommended by every host school since 2001.

Of course, workshops are also available during term time – enabling schools to run highly effective transition days, activity weeks and challenge days to fit within the year plan.

You simply choose the date(s) you can host the workshop and provide the venue.  We send you the literature to distribute to parents so they can book a place.  If, after 21 days, you have 25 or more pupils enrolled, we will confirm the event and run the workshop on the date of your choice.   If not, there is no commitment and we release the date.

Parents pay for their child to attend, as they would for a school trip, or the school can choose to subsidise the cost and use Pupil Premium funding if appropriate.  It costs £15 per pupil for a half day and £25 for a full day.   Parents can pay online, so there is no extra work for the school.

To request an information pack you can email:  info@thinkersineducation.co.uk

Alternatively, to view details of the Spectacular Saturday Workshops click here and to find out about the Holiday Schools click here.

If you would like to discuss options with an advisor, please call 01603 520866.