Take an idea and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it

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It is not unlikely that your school has a sports team so that pupils’ who excel at sports can continue to practice and refine their sporting talents. But what for those who are talented at writing?

Brilliant Publications has developed Able Writers in Your School – a resource that will enable pupils who excel at writing to continue to practice and refine their writing talents, past the curriculum’s requirements.

Able Writers in Your School challenges children to raise the standard of their writing and turn their ideas into masterpieces through:

  • encouraging pupils to:
    • show rather than tell
    • stretch their ideas
    • use similes, metaphors and personification
    • utilise the power of simplicity – less is more
  • teaching pupils how to:
    • create a character and setting
    • develop plot and dialogue
    • add conflict and suspense
    • avoid clichés
    • improve descriptive writing

You can order Able Writers in Your School on our website for £14.50 as a printed book, £9.99 as an e-book, or both for a discounted price of £17.50.

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