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We all know that inactivity is a major issue amongst our young people – a report issued recently showed that in the worse parts of the country 44% of 11-year olds were overweight or obese, this reduced to 25% in the slimmest borough, but still these figures are alarming.

Active 30 – how will it benefit my school?

A primary school child sits for an average of 4 to 5 hours per day – this can be detrimental to their health. Activity not only makes them fitter and healthier, but it can considerably boost cognitive learning and academic performance too.  Small bursts of regular activity throughout the day will contribute to:

  • Higher grades
  • Improved behaviour
  • More focus
  • Happier and healthier children

As you’ll be aware, Primary Schools are being asked to ensure that every child gets a minimum of 30 minutes of structured activity every day as part of Active 30 – but where does a busy school even begin! 

Download your FREE Active School Review Tool…

This fantastic new tool can be used to review, assess and implement a successful active schools programme, or add to your existing programme: 

  • Activity Planner: illustrates how active each year group is throughout your school day and highlights the areas of the curriculum that are currently sedentary and have potential to be more active
  • Activity Review: asks you to rate your school using a RAG traffic light system to assess what is currently happening around activity
  • Action Plan: requires you to think about what you want to implement and how you can prepare for this.

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