A French information book for primary school children


Since children are typically very vocal about what they like and dislike (especially when it comes to food), Bon appétit ! has proved to be very effective at teaching children French language.

The book reinforces language for likes and dislikes (j’aime, j’adore, j’aime bien, j’aime beaucoup, je n’aime pas, je déteste) by asking six French children from different regions what food they like and dislike. 

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Bon appétit ! is from a series of 18 graded French information books written to encourage children to become independent readers. To order any one of these books for just £3.75 (+p&p), simply click on the individual links below.


Level One

La France en couleurs

Un, deux, trois … soleil !

Des animaux importants

Les jours de la semaine

Bonjour tout le monde !

C’est ça Paris !

Level Two

Inventés en France

Une journée à l’école

C’est la fête !

J’aime lire

Bon appétit !

Vive le sport

Level Three

Un tour de France

Jeunes francophones

Des parcs d’attractions

Pourquoi la France ?

Petite histoire des transports

Des Français célèbres

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