Helping to understand the impact of religion on conflicts


Talks Related to GCSE Religious Studies

To book or for more details:

Dear Head of Religious studies

We are now offering a range of talks which we hope will be of interest to teachers of RS. For example:

  1. Jerusalem. Its importance to Judaism, Islam, Christianity
  2. The three monotheistic religions. Do the dates of their establishment influence their attitudes towards each other?
  3. Islam, Christianity: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  4. Judaism, Christianity: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  5. Judaism, Islam: similarities, differences, beliefs, cultures, history
  6. Christians in the Middle East
  7. The impact of Islam and Judaism on the Arab-Israeli conflict
  8. Religious aspects of recent upheavals in the Middle East
  9. Sunni Islam, Shia Islam
  10. Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS. The effect of their religious beliefs on their actions.
  11. Any topic you suggest

The talks are given by two speakers together, a Muslim and a Jew. Both are highly knowledgeable about their own religion and about Christianity, and their presentations are accompanied by lively, informative power points and films.

Inter action is built into every session, and involvement of the students is encouraged throughout. The speakers will adapt the length of session to your requirements.

To book or for further details:

Anne Smith