Connevans – Making life at school just a little bit easier 

At Connevans we have been supplying schools since Connie and Meurig Evans started the company in 1961 and we now have a wider range than ever, the real A – Z of school supplies.

To make it as easy as we can for you, just send us a school Purchase Order and we will send you the goods with an Invoice to be paid within 30 days, what could be simpler?!

Everything we supply can be ordered and shipped at the same time from our Surrey warehouse, saving you time and money. Here is just a small selection of what we offer to help you get through the school day …

A – AFILS meters (to test an installed loop system)

B – Batteries (from hearing aids to rechargeable)

C – Counter Induction Loop systems (for a Reception area to comply with the Equality Act)

D – Dorgard (the simple fire door release door-stop)

E – Earplugs

F – Flight cases

G – Gloves (disposable, for those jobs which need gloves!)

H – Hall Sound systems (for everyone to be heard in an assembly)

I – Infra-red Classroom SoundField systems (for the teacher to be heard clearly)

J – Jumbo Playing Cards (laminated)

K – Keyring Battery Tester

L – Loudhailers (the widest selection of megaphones, every school should have one for emergencies)

M – Magnifying Glasses

N – Neck loops (for use with PC’s, laptops etc.)

O – Oto-Fresh (the complete range of hearing aid care products)

P – Puppets (including ‘figurative living puppets’ to help learn sign language)

Q – Quick release microphone stands

R – Radio Microphones (lapel, head-worn, hand-held and collar mics)

S – Sound level meters and indicators (including the Babbleguard for Classrooms)

T – Telephone amplifiers

U – UPS next day delivery service

V – Vibrating pagers

W – Wireless group listening systems

X – Phonak Roger X Radio Aid receivers

Y – Yellow Neon Gaffa Tape (when your tape needs to be seen)

Z – Zinc Air batteries

All of the above & much more can be found here on our secure web site …

When you find what you need, just send a school Purchase Order to and leave the rest to us!  (If you don’t find what you need, email us anyway and we will do our best to help!)

Connevans – Making life at school just a little bit easier.