Will your next Timetable be more difficult?


There are a number of things that are presenting schools and timetablers with challenges at present.
So what can be done in your school to mitigate their effect?
We have produced a free ‘White Paper’ which discusses 5 of the problems and suggests ways to begin tackling them.

The 5 areas that have consequences for your timetabling are:

  • the Budget; what is the impact on your timetable?
  • Part-time staff; are they affecting your timetable?
  • Options Choices; can they be improved for your school?
  • the timetable cycle; might you want to change it?
  • the Sixth Form, if you have one, or a joint S456 in Scotland.

This free White Paper discusses each one and suggests possible improvements.
To download the illustrated Paper as a PDF, click on this link.


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