There is one approach to working with male students which offers much faster progress.

The question of how effectively to engage young males with the process of education and provide them with the support and encouragement they need, is one that has been the focus of much debate for one very specific reason.

For with boys growing into young men one, of the biggest problems (and seemingly most intractable problems) to overcome is peer pressure and the huge range of distractions that surround them.

The solution that many schools have now found to offer more success than most other approaches is mentoring.  For as well as offering an evidence-based approach to work with young men, mentoring helps young men to achieve their academic and vocational potential.

It addresses concerns related to problematic behaviours – and provides go-to support and signposting to other services from someone they have built trust with.

The Unit Award in Mentoring Boys and Young Men is a Level 2 award which provides your staff/students with an understanding of mentoring work.

Whether your requirement is for your colleagues better to engage with boys or for the boys themselves to support one another, mentoring is an approach that has been shown to work.

The workshop covering the award criteria is 4 hours long. Each staff/student undertaking the award will be provided with their own copy of the Mengage course book: “Mentoring Male: A guide to mentoring work with boys and young men.” A Level 2 certificate will also be issued upon completion.

There is more information about the course on our website

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Liam Kernan BEd (hons)