What is the most effective way of promoting an interest in different cultures

An important aspect of learning is the ability to understand and appreciate other cultures.

Here are some reasons why children should be encouraged to learn about different cultures:

Firstly, other cultures are interesting. It is stimulating to learn about those who are different from you.

Knowledge of other cultures kindles the mind. Learning about other cultures is an interesting way to challenge your thought processes and expand the way you process information.

Learning about other cultures fosters understanding. Many of the problems we have in this world are due to misunderstandings. When you learn about another culture, and see why others do the things they do, it’s easier to understand them.

When you learn about other cultures, you learn that there is more than one approach to life. Perhaps the cultural heritage of someone else can add another dimension to your life.

Being able to tolerate others, and not berate them because of their differences is not only a big part of living in a global community, but it is also the mark of a well-rounded person. Travel enables the meeting and learning about other cultures and customs leading to a richer experience.

Unfortunately, it is not every child who will have the opportunity to travel at a very young age.

Thus, the question arises: how can we introduce pupils to a different culture?

Reading is an opportunity to learn about other cultures.

A fun way to be introduced to a different culture is through the Inca Book Series.

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R.F. Kristi