What is the most effective way to increase your pupils’ concentration levels by up to 12% in Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling lessons?

Standing up during lesson times is better for children’s wellbeing, not least because it improves children’s concentration levels by up to 12%, but also because it helps to combat obesity and thus all the health risks that follow.

However, it is easier to plan movement activities for some topic areas than it is for others.

Which is why Brilliant Publications has produced a resource containing movement activities for lessons in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as these are arguably among the most difficult topic areas into which to incorporate movement.

The 70 plus ready-to-use activities in the resource offer a new approach to teaching literacy and cover each of the rules that children are expected to know and use in the Year 6 SATs.

Through acting out parts of speech, letter strings, and punctuation children will internalise the language and absorb ideas, skills, and understanding. They will be able to draw on this stored knowledge and use it wherever they need it in the future – when they are being tested – but, more importantly, in their own writing.

What’s more, the combination of visual, aural, and kinaesthetic approaches means that the activities suit all types of learner and can be used with both large and small groups of mixed ages and abilities.

In addition to literacy understanding, pupils will also develop skills in problem solving, teamwork, and social confidence.

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