Why should a school encourage parents to become involved in the Active School initiative?

It is clear that as part of the government’s Active Schools initiative there is the implication that schools should help encourage parents to make their children more active.

Certainly there’s no doubt that if parents can be convinced of the benefit of additional activity for their children, that can have an enormous benefit for the school.

At the heart of the evidence surrounding the Active School initiative is the fact that additional activity not only makes the children physically fitter, but it also dramatically improves children’s intellectual abilities while reducing disciplinary issues, improving sociability, and reducing mental health problems.

In short, active children are easier to work with in school, cause fewer problems, and get better academic results.

Given that set of facts which are clearly laid out in reports from the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges and others, if one can persuade parents to get their children to be more active, this can be the single simplest step towards increasing attainment in schools.

imoves works with schools in delivering activity sessions that can take place within lessons, and as part of our work we have produced a short document that explains to parents the benefits of activity and encourages them to be involved.

The document can be placed on your school’s website or forwarded to parents by email or in printed form, and is available from imoves free of charge and, of course, without any obligation.

What’s more, because it comes as a Word file you can, if you wish, amend it so that it relates directly to issues in your school and of course translate it into other languages.

For your free copy of “We’re becoming a more active school: how your child can benefit” simply email Active@schools.co.uk and write “We’re becoming a more active school” in the subject line.  We’ll send it back to you straight away.