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“It is a fun way of reinforcing all the great work being done by teachers every day in the classroom.”

– Chris Packham, TV presenter, author and education advocate.

“Now, we all know that keeping learning fun and informative is the key to gaining and keeping pupils’ interest and concentration, which is why I have become a massive fan of the website, Education Quizzes.”

This is what TV presenter, author, and education advocate, Chris Packham, said when he was asked what he thought about Education Quizzes. But that is not all…

“You see, they are written by teachers who understand the sticking points that pupils have when they are trying to understand a complex subject.

“And reassuringly, the online quizzes follow the national curriculum that is taught in school.

“So what makes them so different? Well these quizzes are like the building blocks of learning. They break down subjects into bitesize chunks, and in doing this, they declutter some of these complex topics into easy to understand questions and answers.

“As your pupils progress through the questions, the quiz will provide your pupils with an explanation as to why they got a questions wrong, and just as importantly, why they got a question right.

“Education Quizzes is different in that it wants you to enforce the theory behind the learning. It wants to make sure that pupils really understand the building blocks of that particular subject. And as your pupils’ understanding grows, the quizzes get harder.

“Furthermore, the performance reports will reassure you that your pupils are comfortable in their understanding of that level and ready to progress to the next stage.

“And do you know what I really like about it? Is that it is a fun way of reinforcing all the great work being done by teachers every day in the classroom.”

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