What are the two key factors most likely to enhance students’ A and AS level biology results?

Interestingly, the key factors that enhance student progress at A and AS level biology are by and large quite widely known and accepted by most teachers.

The problem has always been (at least until now) getting students to implement them.

The first factor, of course, involves stopping students simply “reading through” textbook materials and instead persuading them to move over to active learning in which they handle and manipulate information as they progress.

The second factor involves having a system through which students can rapidly find information on related concepts and issues, so that they neither make false assumptions nor fail to see how information across different topics fits together.

Because of the importance of these two issues, they were naturally at the centre of our thinking as my colleagues and I came to the task of devising a new set of materials for A and AS Level Biology.

As a result BIOZONE produced not a text book in the traditional sense, but an interactive workbook which forces the students to make their learning active, thus enhancing thinking and embedding the learning into the student’s long term memory.

At the same time we devised a unique tab system which identifies relevant online resources and connections to related concepts across the entire specification.  In short the learning more rapidly becomes part of a meaningful, unified approach, rather than a set of different topics.

To show how this works in practice I would be delighted to supply you with sample downloads completely free of charge.

Simply click here for these free resources.

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Richard Allan