How can the balance be best struck between supporting pupils in independent writing lessons and leaving them to it?

An exception to the theory “the more support one receives, the further they can progress” is that of lessons in independent writing. But on the contrary, and quite obviously, no support is not enough.

So how can the balance be struck to ensure that pupils are able to improve upon their independent writing skills, lesson after lesson?

In introducing the Independent Writing Activity Book series by Topical Resources to pupils in year one through to year 6, it is possible for them to make maximum progress in their independent writing lessons.

As the pupils advance through the activities they will encounter a whole range of independent writing tasks with a different level of support for each, dependent on the stage to which they have progressed.

The creative activities are highly engaging at all levels with illustrations relating to the various themes throughout.

What’s more, each activity book focuses on the particular styles of writing that pupils are required to learn at each level, set out in the English programmes of study – so by the end of year 6, your pupils will be confident in writing narratives, play scripts, biographies, autobiographies, journalistic reports, arguments, formal writing and poetry, independently.

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