What is perhaps the most effective way to ensure that the learning and development of a child isn’t hindered due to his or her anxiety?

When we consider that most children experience anxiety at some point in their time at nursery school, from separation anxiety to social anxiety, it’s important that there is something in place to help relieve the symptoms that typically hinder an anxious child’s learning and development.

Something which has proven to build confidence and ease anxiety over time, not only for young children but for people of all ages, is the use of drama activities. Which is why, with this in mind, we have developed the resource: Drama Activities for the Early Years.

Drama Activities for the Early Years contains 80 clearly laid out and ready-to-use practical drama activities relating to every area of the curriculum, to enable any practitioner to lead and develop dramatic work with confidence and enthusiasm.

The book explains the theories and values behind the activities and how to harness children’s natural abilities and enthusiasm. This way, practitioners with no previous drama experience can confidently create enjoyable and productive learning experiences.

In order to develop vital self-confidence and social skills children need frequent, regular opportunities to work in groups and to express themselves through drama. Thus the resource contains a topic index which links the activities to popular early years themes and interests, making it easy to plan drama sessions or to find a suitable activity for any occasion.

For more information and to see sample materials from Drama Activities for the Early Years, visit https://www.brilliantpublications.co.uk/book/drama-activities-for-the-early-years-453. And if you have any questions about the resource, you can email orders@tradecounter.co.uk.

You can order Drama Activities for the Early Years on our website either in PDF for £12.99 or as a hardcopy paperback book for £17.99. There is also the option to buy the paperback and PDF together at a discounted price of £21.89.

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