What is the one thing that more than any other helps students make the right choice upon leaving school?

It is curious to think that there might be one action a student can take which, on its own, can dramatically raise a student’s chances of getting on the course that is exactly right for that student.

Such an action, if it could be found, could not only enhance the student’s prospect of success both now and in later life, but also reduce the likelihood of the student taking the wrong turn and then dropping out of a course or resigning from a job.

But what could that one action be?

The key to answering this question comes from the observation that the course will always go to the candidate who is most aware of his/her strengths and can express that awareness in a meaningful and potent way.

In short, if the students you work with really don’t know where their own strengths lie, they could take a wrong turning at this moment in their lives, simply because they have not realised who they are and where their real strengths lie.

And this is a major problem for many students today.  For, because of the speed of change and the pressure of social media it is far easier for students to misunderstand their own strengths and weaknesses.

It thus becomes very easy for them to take a decision based on a completely false belief in who and what they are.

GetSet from Belbin is a way of helping students find out about their own strengths and talents.  It helps students learn about their own aptitudes so they can gain access to the right course and right employment both now and in the future.

In this way GetSet builds confidence in the students and helps them decide where they should be taking their lives.

GetSet is a set of questionnaires that school students can complete on-line and which generate a detailed set of reports as to where the student’s strengths lie and what work and study might be appropriate.

To help you see the value that can be gained from completing the survey, we are very happy to offer you the chance to take the GetSet questionnaire yourself at no cost or obligation. Then if you feel it would be helpful to your students you can arrange for the questionnaire to be made available to those students whom you nominate.

To apply for a free questionnaire for yourself or one of your students please click here – click  the contact us at the top of the page and write ‘a free one please’ in the box. To read more about GetSet please do look at our website here www.belbingetset.com.  Or if you have any questions please email getset@belbin.com or phone 01223 264975.