Surprises about children’s psychological problems

ADHD and autistic spectrum are not the main reasons why children are referred to therapeutic support.  Our research shows that children’s problems are many and varied.  58 different issues have been recorded of which 24 account for 56% of the total.  ADHD and Autistic Spectrum which receive considerable publicity are only ranked 7th and 11th.   Attachment issues,  family relationship difficulties, adjustment issues, anger, anxiety and experience of domestic violence, account for 45% of the total.

Assuming that support of the parents as well as the children are key mission objectives nursery schools have an excellent opportunity to fulfil these objectives and increase revenue.

Help the children and their parents by providing a Play Therapy service – one that it is delivered by registered practitioners where quality, safety and effectiveness is warranted.

If your nursery is not yet providing play therapy, there are two main options:

I ) Contact your nearest Play Therapy UK registrant to see if one is available to see your children:

2) Invest in training one of your staff as a Registered Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills.  You will then have a value added service to increase your revenue.

You can experience how play therapy works, the skills needed and how we train using mainly experiential exercises, by attending a one-day ‘Introduction to Play Therapy’ course held at 13 convenient venues throughout the UK. Phone: 01825 761143 for details

More information:

If you would like to have a chat about providing a play therapy service and the options in more detail please email Monika at: