What is the most effective way of helping your students who don’t get the exam grades they expected?

There are, of course, many possible solutions for underperforming students, but what has made some solutions more interesting is the rapid growth in the number of choices that the private school / college sector have recently introduced, including those with substantial discounts. For example:

We are placing an increasing number of students into schools which offer vocational  BTECS if it is considered their GCSE grades are too low to justify progression to A Levels. Alternatively there are similar opportunities Foundation Programmes. Although most are aimed at International students we can also get UK nationals onto some of these programmes

We can arrange specialist private tuition at home to facilitate retakes for those needing to improve GCSE grades, while still continuing with A Levels at school.

For students with medical degree ambitions but whose GCSE grades were B or less, there are specialist medic, dental and veterinary courses for sixth formers  (ask for our free eguide)

We can advise on alternative university courses for those whose grades necessitate a direction change.

For more information on how we can help specific individual students, go to http://www.educationadvisers.co.uk/services-for-schools-school-referrals or better still phone Mary, Duncan or Ryan on 01622 813870 or 01603 812852

Whatever the situation, remember there is always a solution and always an alternative. We are happy to help you explore the best available options. Education Advisers Ltd are independent and impartial school choice consultants and our 12 websites advise more than 1 million parents/students per annum

P.S We are offering to schools free of charge our online library of university advice sources, which you can then make available to your students, their parents and of course your own staff – just ask.