Dual power calculators provide reassurance for students in their maths and science lessons and exams ………

Today’s “battery only” calculators are usually very reliable, especially if you use a recognised brand such as Casio, Logik, Sharp, HP, Aurora etc.

Nevertheless, at certain times some schools and colleges prefer the extra reassurance of “dual power” calcs which use both a battery and a solar cell back up.

Two highly recommended dual power calculators are the Logik LK 83XP (from £ 5.29) and the Casio FX 85GT+ (from £ 7.55)  ex vat.  Both calculators are suitable for KS 3, 4,  GCSE and Scottish exams and each has a THREE year guarantee.

Further details about these two calculators can be found on the website of Signpost Educational Ltd.,  www.signposteducational.co.uk  or contact them by phone on:

020 7515 1797  or  info@signposteducational.co.uk