Do you need classroom tables and chairs at short notice ….?

It can be rather worrying to find out  with just  two or three weeks before the start of another school year that some classrooms may not have enough tables and chairs.

The explanation may be simple, the person who normally deals with ordering has been unwell or has changed jobs…or perhaps there will be a larger than normal intake.

But whatever the reason you now an urgent need for tables and chairs to fill the empty classrooms as quickly as possible.  If you can be somewhat flexible with specifications  eg. colour, design, size etc then you may stand a better chance of equipping your classrooms sooner rather than later.

If this is, or might be, the situation in your organisation, then a quick phone  call to Central Educational Supplies Ltd on 020 7515 1797 may be a shrewd move (If you prefer email it’s  Please ask for Martin Evans who will be pleased to assist.