It’s all about attachment

Many adult, adolescent and childhood psychological problems may be traced to attachment issues in early childhood.

How many of the children attending your nursery exhibit these problems through repeated outbursts, crying, clinging or withdrawal?

You can help them and their parents through Play Therapy – provided that it is delivered by registered practitioners.

An evidence base, built over the last 12 years using actual practice data from over a thousand schools, shows that between 77% and 84% of those receiving play therapy delivered to Play Therapy UK standards show a positive change, as observed by teachers and parents. Now with over 20,000 measures, the evidence base is highly reliable.

If your nursery is not yet using play therapy, there are two main options:

I ) Contact your nearest PTUK registrant to see if one is available to see your children:

3) Invest in training one of your staff as a Registered Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills.  You will then have a value added service to increase your revenue.

Maybe the first step is to experience how play therapy works and how we train, by attending a one-day ‘Introduction to Play Therapy’ course held at 13 convenient venues throughout the UK. Phone: 01825 761143 to book.

More information:

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