Classroom chairs with a TWENTY year warranty

Classroom chairs with a TWENTY year warranty can save schools and colleges hundreds or even THOUSANDS of pounds  and eliminate time wasted trying to repair damaged or vandalised chairs….…

Improvements in design and manufacture mean that the quality and durability of classroom chairs have improved significantly  since 1996. The result is that it’s now possible to obtain classroom chairs with a TWENTY year warranty.

That’s twenty years with NO replacement costs and NO repair costs …. a considerable saving of time and money compared with many chairs still in use in UK schools.

….and the chair in question  ?  It’s the POSTURA  PLUS, now in its  twenty first year.

Designed not only to be durable and virtually vandal proof it also encourages good posture and is available in 16 colours and six sizes from nursery right through to college and university.

If you’re looking for an attractive,  practical and durable chair  with an ergonomic design which  encourages good posture  and which can be used throughout your organisation then the Postura Plus chair is worth serious consideration.

For further information on Postura Plus chairs (which by the way, are manufactured here in the UK) please visit the website: 

or contact them by email: or phone:  020 7515 1797  and ask to speak to Martin Evans who will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.

Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,  PO Box 999  London  E14 6SH

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