What is the single most effective way of teaching everything, from history to creative writing, from diversity to science?

It is a fact, often forgotten, that everything that we know and everything that we learn ultimately is learned as a story.

How people in different parts of the world live.  How people in different countries have different ways of celebrating Christmas.

How they have their own stories associated with their past.  How England is actually just coming up to its 1000th birthday.   How our understanding of the world has changed across time.

How Galileo Galilei (then professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa) is said to have dropped two spheres of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Everything comes back to stories.  And this is why, as part of their learning, it is vital that children listen to stories told by expert professional storytellers.

We have stories covering almost every aspect of the primary school curriculum and childhood development.

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