How a revolution in the design and manufacture of classroom chairs can save your organisation hundreds if not thousands of pounds, as well as reduce maintenance costs and improve your students’ concentration………

Introduced back in 1996  the “one piece” Postura chair was the first classroom chair to be manufactured from a single mould of polypropylene.  Today hundreds of thousands of these chairs are in use throughout the UK in schools, colleges and nurseries.

What’s so special about the “one piece” Postura chair? 

Before the introduction of the Postura chair, most classroom chairs were  made either of wood or  a metal frame  which was fixed to a polypropylene “shell” (the seat)  by screws or rivets.  If you have ever worked in a school then you will almost certainly  have come across broken or vandalised chairs ……… and how do they get broken ?

The weak link is the fixings which join the shell to the frame. They can usually be unscrewed or damaged, either deliberately or by the constant stresses and strains of wear by students for several hours everyday, week after week, month after month and year after year.  Sometimes they can be repaired using a replacement shell or frame but more often than not such repairs tended to be of a temporary nature. 

The Postura chair has done away with all this.   Its  one piece design means there are no screws or rivets to be broken or damaged.  When you take delivery of Postura chairs you get a TWENTY year warranty with each one. That’s how confident  the manufacturers are that you’ll get at least twenty years of trouble free use from each chair.

How can the Postura chair save us  hundreds or thousands of pounds? 

Simple. The warranty covers any possible manufacturing defects for  20 years.

This means that you’ll get 20 years of trouble free classroom seating from as little as 35p per term per chair…and this cost is based on the largest size, being used by ages 11 upwards…for primary and nursery schools the cost is even less !  So you can wave goodbye to broken and vandalised chairs… more time wasted in repairs, no more “wonky” chairs, no more expenditure for replacements when they have become unrepairable.  It all adds up to big savings when you switch to Postura chairs from the traditional classroom chair.

What about improving students’ concentration ? 

If you’ve ever sat on an uncomfortable chair you’ll know, well, how uncomfortable it is.

You  change your position, you fidget, you can’t sit comfortably and if you’re in a meeting the chances are you’re just as concerned with your sitting position than concentrating on what is being said.  It’s no different with your students, which is why the Postura chair was designed to be ergonomically correct …… to be comfortable and encourage good posture, so students can concentrate on lessons rather than continually trying to make themselves comfortable.

If you’d like to know more about these excellent chairs or make an order,  please visit the website of:  Central Educational Supplies Ltd,

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What is perhaps the most effective way to prevent radicalisation among your students?

Despite the counter-terrorism duties of schools (which include: assessing the risk of students being drawn into terrorism,working closely with your LA, training staff to identify at-risk children, keeping students safe online, and managing prayer and faith facilities), educating your students about terrorism is perhaps the most effective way to prevent radicalisation.

Which is why Brilliant Publications has produced

Radicalisation and Terrorism: A Teacher’s Handbook for Addressing Extremism

This practical handbook provides an objective resource to enable secondary school teachers to tackle the complex subjects of terrorism and radicalisation with confidence. It sets political violence within a broad context of perceived injustice, using familiar emotions of anger to introduce the notion of grievance (a precursor of all forms of terrorism).

The resource covers issues of citizenship, human rights, respect, civil and political engagement, identity, and how we identify with others while examining different forms of violence, from historical precedents to more recent examples of 21st century terrorism.

The handbook considers the causes and consequences of terrorism, what terrorists do, and why they do it; how to differentiate between the reasons, goals, and methods of terrorists; why the media and terrorism are inextricably linked; what makes terrorism start; and what factors bring the cycle of terrorism to an end.

Your students are invited to explore the process of reconciliation, taking Northern Ireland and South Africa as examples, as well as being encouraged to consider the definition of “terrorism” and debate fact and bias through examining the role of the media.

You can order Radicalisation and Terrorism: A Teacher’s Handbook for Addressing Extremism on our website either in PDF for £13.99 or as a hardcopy book for £19.99. There is also the option to buy the hardcopy and PDF together at a discounted price of £24.19.

For more information and to see sample pages visit Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01449 766629 or by email at

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What is the single most effective way of teaching everything, from history to creative writing, from diversity to science?

It is a fact, often forgotten, that everything that we know and everything that we learn ultimately is learned as a story.

How people in different parts of the world live.  How people in different countries have different ways of celebrating Christmas.

How they have their own stories associated with their past.  How England is actually just coming up to its 1000th birthday.   How our understanding of the world has changed across time.

How Galileo Galilei (then professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa) is said to have dropped two spheres of different masses from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Everything comes back to stories.  And this is why, as part of their learning, it is vital that children listen to stories told by expert professional storytellers.

We have stories covering almost every aspect of the primary school curriculum and childhood development.

You can find out more about a few of our story themes at, but please do remember that there are many more available.  If you have a story that you would like to see explored, please do drop us a line and let us know, and we’ll come back to you and tell you what we can do.

There’s no obligation – we are happy to share our ideas with you. And if you are looking for a theme that we have not explored before, we would be delighted to see if we could develop a storytelling day or half day in your school on that particular theme.

You can select from one of our existing themes by clicking here, or ask us to pencil you into our diary by completing our online booking form.

Or, if you want to explore a different theme – without any obligation please do:

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From Hans Christen Anderson to the Little Princess

From Hans Christen Anderson to the Little Princess,
from The Secret Garden to the Little Prince…
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