What’s the simple and cost effective way to help maths lessons be more productive, both for teachers and students?

Every now and again I get to chat with  teachers and one of the topics that often crops up is why many students don’t  bring a pen, pencil, ruler etc to their lessons.  They tell me that this leads to wasted time and a measure of disruption,  even before teaching has begun.

In an attempt to solve this problem there’s  now a  product called the

“Value Maths set ” which, as the name suggests, contains all the basics that students need for their  maths lessons.

Consisting of  two quality black ink ballpens, a full length HB pencil, eraser, 15 cm ruler, 180 degree protractor, metal compass and half pencil,  and a sharpener, all packed in an  A5 size, clear PVC “exam friendly” wallet with a zip slider.

From just £ 1.25 each (ex vat) the “Value Maths set”  is a convenient and cost effective solution to the problem of students who haven’t brought the correct kit to their maths lessons.  Ideal to give or sell  to students at the start of lessons or at the start of a school day………  also very useful for exams.

Full details of the “Value Maths set”   can be found on the website:


You can order by:
email:  info@signposteducational.co.uk 
phone   020 7515 1797
fax:  020 7515 4420

Signpost Educational Ltd.,   PO Box 999   London   E14 6SH

From Hans Christen Anderson to the Little Princess, from The Secret Garden to the Little Prince… at just £1.87 each.

Or come to that from Little Women to Moonfleet, from What Katy Did to the Wind in the Willows, all at just £1.87 each (after discount) with free delivery when ordered directly from us.

I could go further, of course, and add, The Railway Children, Beatrix Potter, Kidnapped, Treasure Island

In fact, we have a list of over 50 children’s classics, all available at this special price.

There is even a box set collection of eight titles available for just £19.99 – less a 25% discount when ordered directly from ourselves.

In fact Wordsworth Editions has over 400 titles in print, and not only does each volume naturally have the full text but with all of our classics there is also a set of exclusive introductions and notes.

And don’t forget, you get a 25% discount on all of the prices shown, not just on the classics.

Plus there’s a free book offer.   Because it might well be that you are thinking this all this seems far too good to be true, so we really do have an offer of a free book, with free delivery.

We offer the free book because if you have not ordered from us before we’d like to assure you of the quality of our publications, and second because we know that when teachers do see the quality of our books they do tend to place an order.

There’s no pressure to buy – we let you make the decision, whenever you wish.

So, if you would like a free sample of one of our books, just email education@wordsworth-editions.com with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you, with our compliments.

But just before you do that, please do have a look at our list of children’s classics.  I know you will be rather surprised at the range of titles we have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What is the most important thing to do now, in order to improve literacy results in September?

Averages have a most annoying effect.  Because for every child who is above average, it means you’ve got one who is below average.

But there is an upside to this, because the children who are struggling with literacy are the ones who can make the most substantial and sustained progress and attainment.

Which means when they make their leap forwards in literacy, that change improves the ranking of the whole year group.

And this is what we offer: an approach using one to one tuition for the children who are slipping behind in literacy achievement, at a very affordable price, whenever needed.

Naturally with such claims the first thing you will want to do is have a trial – and we can arrange this at once.   Even better, if you arrange a trial now and then want to proceed, we can have everything in place for September.

Through our program every misunderstanding and every concept not understood is instantly spotted, and results in the pupil being taken back a step for remedial work. After this, progress and advancement resumes.

Each individual’s literacy needs are analysed and then the pupil is directed to an engaging set of activities which remedy any deficits, before advancing through to the next set of skills.

And because the level of instruction is so accurately reflective of the child’s current abilities, the pupil then gets a feeling of success and progress, which of itself is highly motivational.

At the same time, your colleagues will be free to work with others in the group.  Indeed, they can rotate the children, with some receiving directed help online while others engage with offline paper-based activities which are generated automatically by the system.

Of course you’ll want to see this in action before making any decisions, and you can do that this term, without any cost or commitment.  First you can read more about Core 5 which achieves these extraordinary results here.

You can also read a variety of case studies here. You will then also find on the top right of the page the link to gain full access to the program for 30 days without any payment or commitment.

If you want to know more about the program, please do call 0191 482 1939 or email info@lexiauk.co.uk

Rob Kay

LexiaUK Software Consultant.

2017-18: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and A Christmas Carol

Fred Theatre is back in schools over the coming academic year with three lively and engaging productions.


“All of the actors in this show gave passionate and haunting performances.”

“Fred’s production of Macbeth proved that a small theatre company can produce big theatre in a small space.”

“Despite being an hour and a half, the show did not feel rushed and the integrity of the show was not compromised.”

(Quotes from student reviews, details on file)

This year’s 90 minute Macbeth is returning in spring 2018. Fred Theatre brings Shakespeare’s tragedy of greed, lust and betrayal to life in a new and intimate production.

Six actors present this timeless classic in a contemporary setting. The production asks who, in the twenty-first century, can be trusted to tell us the truth? How easy is it to manipulate others? And what happens if ambition is left unchecked?


We’re delighted to announce the addition of Romeo and Juliet to the schools’ repertoire for spring 2018.

As with Macbeth, Shakespeare’s text is cut to be performed in 90 minutes, with the focus firmly on the young lovers and their journey from the bliss of first true love to tragic victims of a family feud.

Performed by six actors, Romeo and Juliet will be an excellent introduction to the text or a timely revision tool.


This autumn Fred Theatre is on the road with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Recognised for our quality, professionalism and accessibility Fred has built an excellent reputation for our schools friendly productions.

Our 90 minute adaptation is a fresh and exciting re-telling of the familiar and much loved story.

A Christmas Carol is already booked in to perform at many schools in the run-up to Christmas, but there is space on the schedule if you’re interested.


Simply email our office (admin@fred-theatre.co.uk) or call Robert on 07974 210265. We’ll collect a few details from you and respond with potential dates and a quote soon after.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Fred Theatre Limited

classic drama, contemporary theatre

www.fred-theatre.co.uk    @FRED_Theatre

PS: Our office remains open throughout the summer holidays.