What is the most effective way of improving handwriting and enhancing reading and spelling skills?

MSL offers three sets of structured materials relating to handwriting, literacy and spelling, and details with example materials are available from our website.

First, we have the Handwriting Rescue materials which contain over 300 structured exercises that introduce cursive handwriting and correct poor letter formation habits.  There are also follow-on books for revision, with all the resources designed to establish the correct cursive letter formation, alongside reinforcing important literacy skills.

The Reading and Spelling Literacy Scheme covers every phonic and spelling choice in the English language, introduced step by step in a logical sequence and this allows pupils and students to develop whole sentences from the very start.   Each new phonic and spelling choice is introduced in such a way as to ensure that past knowledge is reinforced, and confusions eliminated.  This is a structured programme that could be delivered by an LSA, and progress can be easily monitored and evaluated using the Placement & Progress Tests, which are included.

To round off each teaching session there are the Dyslexia Games and Association Cards.  These secure the knowledge that has been gained through the Reading and Spelling Literacy Scheme and give the pupils and students a less intense, more relaxed game situation for the end of each lesson.

Handwriting Rescue materials:

The Reading and Spelling Literacy Scheme

Dyslexia Games and Association Cards