From the Great Gatsby to Dr Jekyll, from Macbeth to the Little Prince… at just £1.87

Or come to that from Frankenstein to Jane Eyre, from Great Expectations to Romeo and Juliet (both quite interesting journeys!). And all at just £1.87 each (after your 25% discount) with free delivery when ordered directly from us.

I could go further, of course, and add, from HG Wells’ “Time Machine and other works” to John Maynard Keynes’ “General Theory of Employment Interest and Money.”   And that is indeed an interesting contrast!

And, of course, there are plenty more to choose from.  World Literature and Poetry are just £3.99 before discount, and our complete works series for just £7.99.  There’s a complete Shakespeare, complete Jane Austin, complete Brothers Grimm, complete Oscar Wilde…

Wordsworth Editions has over 450 titles in print, covering over 230 works of classic literature and over 50 popular children’s books.  And not only does each volume naturally have the full text, but with all of our classics there is also a set of exclusive introductions and notes.

If you would like to see a list of around 50 of the most frequently used set texts which are available direct to schools at the special price of £1.87 that is available here.

To see the full list of our titles in print along with a ready to use order form, should you need it, we have a page with those details as well. And don’t forget, you get a 25% discount on all of the prices shown, not just on the classics.

And we also have an offer of a free book.  Just in case the notion of books at £1.87 each with free delivery seems just too good to be true, we’d like to assure you of the quality of our publications.

So, if you would like a free sample of one of our classics, just email with your name and the school address, and we’ll put it in the post to you, with our compliments.

We look forward to hearing from you.