What can be done to help students on the autistic spectrum overcome their anxieties?

For many young people on the autistic spectrum, everyday events can become very challenging and can generate high levels of anxiety.

Of course, everyone suffers from a certain amount of anxiety, and indeed this is both normal and helpful.  For anxiety raises our awareness of and prepares us for responses to unusual and challenging aspects of the world we experience.

But when everyday events cause too high a level of anxiety this can be debilitating and can become a major difficulty for some students on the autism spectrum as they prepare to live independent lives.

However, such overly high anxiety levels can be reduced by offering such students an understanding of what they perceive as worrying and challenging experiences, through preparatory activities in the classroom.  These activities make the challenges of the world beyond seem more manageable, and ultimately, more every day.

To help in this regard SEN Press has produced the “Life and Times” pack of materials covering the specific topics and issues most likely to generate anxiety among students.

Part one of the pack considers six Everyday Challenges, such as travelling alone, leaving school and going to college, shopping for mum, learning to speak up, etc etc.

The second part of the pack deals with Making Sense of Money, again in six separate sets of activities.  These include a variety of everyday issues, what something is worth, keeping money safe, making ends meet, and the cost of everyday items.

Finally in Scary Things we cover a series of individual topics that really can heighten the anxiety levels of students: bullying, the dark, getting lost, injections and more.

There is a CD Rom and teacher’s book for each of these 3 elements, with ebooks, whiteboard resources, worksheets, and two copies of each of the readers covering all the topics mentioned above.

If purchased individually these materials would cost £383 + VAT.  However when purchased together as the “Life and Times” set of resources they are available for just £195 + VAT.

This offers you a complete set of resources that can help young people on the autistic spectrum overcome their anxieties about the everyday world around them.

There are more details here or you can call 01582 833205 or email info@senpress.co.uk.

To place an order please email orders@senpress.co.uk