Debate Chamber Summer Schools for students aged 11-14

These Debate Chamber Summer Schools are for intellectually ambitious 11-14-year-old students who want to push back the boundaries of their knowledge, or who are curious about the ways in which their knowledge can be applied to the real world to help shape the future. Our hope is that students will leave our Summer Schools feeling inspired to pursue their passions, empowered to make well-informed career decisions, and optimistic about the meaningful contribution they can make to this world.

Led by a team of expert tutors, our courses focus on developing intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the desire to explore academic material in a more sophisticated way than is often available at school. Classes will be discussion-based, creating a comfortable environment for students to share ideas amongst their peers and to progress from their existing knowledge toward more challenging material. Working in small groups over several days means there is plenty of space for each voice to be heard, as well as the opportunity for students to get to know their tutor and benefit from their specialist knowledge.

Young Doctors

The Young Doctors Summer School offers a fun and interactive insight into the world of medicine, allowing students the opportunity to explore some of the theoretical and applied skills required to be a doctor. Over the course of two days, an expert team of medical tutors will teach students how to identify a patient’s primary symptoms, order appropriate tests, draw conclusions and present their findings. The Summer School is split into two parts, each covering a different area of medical practice – students can attend whichever part best suits their interests.

‘Really enjoyable! The tutors were really insightful and great at helping and answering questions. The practical activities were really good fun and allowed you to trial some of the techniques you had learnt. I would strongly recommend the course.’

Young Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Summer School offers an exciting and challenging introduction to the legal profession and is aimed at students who wish to take their first steps towards a legal career. Over the course of four days, students will work alongside a team of expert tutors who will facilitate the debate of numerous case studies from criminal, family, contract and human rights law. On the final day, dressed in wigs and gown, students will participate in a lively mock crown court trial in which they will question their witnesses to build a case in front of the jury.

 ‘The Young Lawyers course was amazing! I made friends very quickly and enjoyed learning about law. I learnt loads and have now learnt different types of law in detail I didn’t know. I enjoyed it very much.’

Young Thinkers

The two-day Young Thinkers Summer School offers bright students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and participate in lively debates covering a range of philosophical questions: What is truth? How do we gain knowledge of the world? Are we free? What is right and wrong? The seminar style of this Summer School ensures a collaborative and inclusive academic environment.

‘This course, while mind-bending in the extreme, was very enjoyable and in fact one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done all holiday.’

Young Writers

The Young Writers Summer School is aimed at students who enjoy the creative challenge of writing stories and wish to share their passion and enthusiasm with like-minded peers.  Over the course of four days, students will explore a range of prose, poetry and reportage through games, activities and structured exercises. Our team of expert tutors are keen to share their enthusiasm and expertise for story-telling and provide students with a range of creative skills for future projects.

‘If you want a chance to learn more writing techniques and get inspiration for your stories, you will love this fun, friendly Summer School.’


Debate Chamber is committed to ensuring that financial circumstances do not prevent any student from attending our events. Students are able to apply for bursaries covering up to 100% of the course fee through our website.

How can my students attend?

All the Summer School events will be held at University of London venues in Bloomsbury, Central London, and will take place in July and August 2017. Please note that these courses are not residential, and accommodation must be arranged independently if required.

You can find full details of schedules, dates, costs, student reviews and tutors at There is a limited amount of bursary funding available for students who would otherwise have financial difficulty in attending – please see our website for details.

To book a place please visit, call us on 0845 519 4827, or email Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.